About Jim G

Despite the Italian name, I found by searching the family tree that my branch of the Giordano family is mutt 57. Included is a small part Native American Sioux. When I was much younger, I got to stay on the reservations in the Dakotas and was taken in as a student by Ben Black Elk. Ben Black Elk has been dead for over 25 years now and was considered a SHAMAN and my mentor.

European culture is so obsessed with obliterating the Indian heritage. From my time with Ben I learned many beliefs, crafts and skills passed down orally. These include the ones I bring to my page to try to keep alive the rich history and tradition that existed for thousands of years.

All this by SAVAGES, who never saw the sense of abusing, despoiling, polluting and wasting the world we're part of.

I came to Alaska after traveling all through the Lower 48 and to get away from a wife that believed in settling arguments with a cast iron skillet. In Alaska I continued my explorations and travel in the Great Land and have been lucky enough to experience and see some excellent times. The adventures of my life are shared with you through my artwork.

Jim G

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