The title is; "But I Like Butterflies".

Here's the story on this canvas:

Went on a back country fly in camping trip on the back end of Kodiak Island to an old hunting cabin, from the 50's. The place was called the O’Malley cabin & with it’s high returns of king & red salmon was noted for it’s large population of bears. Beyond bears, the place is rich in other wildlife. Deer, ducks, eagles, foxes & rabbits abound throughout that basin that feeds Karluk Lake & river to the sea. It was a great 3 weeks. From the first day we kept on seeing this ol’ mamma bear (sow) with two young cubs. We got a lot of great shot’s of them.

This is my favorite. About 30 yards off shore between where a stream feeds into the lake, the bears were eating on the spawned out reds washed up on the bank. One of the cubs got tired and was lying in the grass and a swarm of butterflies just showed up around the cub and he started playing with them. It was one of the neatest things and I just had to paint it. They don’t call this place the “Great Land” for nothing.

Jim G

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