This is a Dream Catcher.

Here's the story on this item:

Each Dream Catcher is a custom made piece according to what the client tells me they want the finished one to look like. In this case my computer teacher after seeing a butterfly Dream Catcher made out of playing cards, twigs and wire asked me to make a butterfly Dream Catcher for his wife. In working with him I found out his wife liked Tiger Lilies.

This particular Dream Catcher is made from a seven-inch hoop with small diameter custom dyed turquoise leather wrapped around it. Black leather lace is used for the webbing. Sown in are three tiger lilies made from colored beads integrated into the lace. A custom made butterfly is attached to the flower. Small feathers from the body of a ring-neck pheasant are attached to the four cardinal points as my spiritual guide had taught me. Each Dream Catcher is made with a Spirit Piece according to ancient techniques.

The Dream Catcher should be hung in the home near a window. It catches all dreams both good and bad. Bad dreams are caught in the webbing and held until the first rays of morning light burns them off. Good dreams caught find their way to the center and filter down into the feathers. Good dreams are held there to be dreamed again another night.

The total number of hours to create this particular piece was just about thirty-five. Some Dream Catcher takes longer to create due to customer requirements. To produce this single item using original ritualistic form cost about one hundred dollars. This is no mass produced Chinese knock-off item of junk, but an individually created authentic Native American Dream Catcher.

There you have it functional as well as beautiful, the Dream Catcher!

Jim G

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