This is a Powder horn.

Here's a good picture of the scrimshaw powder horn that is hanging from my black powder rifle.

The challenge of black powder hunting and target shooting has always fascinated me. Since detailed hand crafted replicas or authentic 18th century cow-horn powder containers are in short supply. I made this one from local materials.

The horn was purchased at a craft store in a place called Black Elk, in Anchorage. The horn has a hand made top fitting made out of scrap and glued it in after thoroughly cleaning and boring out the small end.

I used a medium size branch from a birch tree to make the removable plug. Both were drilled out to fit a doeskin-carrying strap to hang it over the shoulder. I then scrimshaw both sides of the horn. On one side is the buffalo on the other is a grizzly bear. Filling in the carved / engraved lines that make the animals come to life are special inks.

This particular piece is the artist's own and NOT for sale. This is an example of what can be custom ordered. Each scrimshaw powder horn I've made for others has the client's name and wildlife figures of choice.

Jim G

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