The title is; Moose on Ice

Here's the facts and history behind Moose on Ice.

It was in mid-April of ninety-two when; my friend Kelly and I were getting cabin and fishing fever. We decided to go to the Kenai Peninsula, to try the lake there. Kelly knew the lake there held big trout and land-locked salmon. When we got there the temperature was in the forties but the lake still had a goodly cover of snow with six inches of winter thick ice on it. The bushes and trees had leafed out. So we chopped a couple of holes through and were trying our luck fishing on the ice when we saw a cow moose with her two calves crossing at the far shore. We had a disposable camera that had a long shot option. I took a shot of the group. Suddenly a large brown bear with the sun on his back popped out of the bushes.

He was maybe twenty-five yards behind the shoreline.

In Alaska patches of ice and snow can linger 'til mid-June. This makes for some interesting fishing and camping experiences. The moose moved quickly on the snow covered winter ice, while the bear was caught up in spring foliage and new growth cover.

Out of ten to fifteen shots taken with the disposable camera only two could be blown up clearly. I picked one to do this canvas from.

Jim G

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