This is a Coup Club.

Here's a pretty good shot of my coup club.

A coup (Koo) club is very different from a war club in design and intent. A coup club is not for the purpose of killing or seriously injuring another warrior. It is used in the mock to territorial disputes between tribes, or sometimes members of the same tribe. While the rounded knob can truely inflict serious harm; the object is to only hit the opposing party hard enough to be noted and better yet to drag the feathers across the other warriors chest or face. Then both men know with absolute certainty that one had been counted as coup.

The club is made from a single piece hand carved hard oak. On the top of the club are sacred turquoise in the amount of coups that the individual warrior has made.

In my case some twelve, but that's another tail. As personal decoration I placed an old arrowhead that broke off while on a deer hunt. The arrowhead could no longer be refitted to the shaft. Other decorations include grizzly bear fur at the base of the club and the molar from a buffalo. The rawhide wrapping and loop also come from deer hide and help secure a good grip and prevent losing it in coup fights. This is my personal object and NOT for sale. Individuals, who would like to have a piece of Native American Culture and history, can have a customized item replicated to represent their own personal coups.

Jim G

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