The title is; "HEADSTRONG".

Here's the story on this canvas:

This one was created for and dedicated to my case manager; Bill Aube (Ohbee) from Daybreak Services ; who’s done a lot to get my arts and crafts dream and goals into a working reality. Bill asked me to do him a painting of rams butting heads. I remembered a trip to the Denali area & this setting.

Truth be told; there was a lot of ewes and lambs, but the rams that were there, were peacefully grazing too. But I decided to use my artistic license, and add what I had seen elsewhere in another situation. It just all came together; and this is my presentation to you. These Dall sheep as well all kinds of Alaska wildlife : black and brown bears, golden and bald eagles, caribou, moose and sheep are easily viewed from the road and the tours to Denali National Park.

Jim G

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