This is My Ceremonial Knife.

This is a picture of my ceremonial knife. The handle is made from the base of a moose antler. It was carved out, about 3 inch deep to hold the hand chipped and shaped blade. The sheath is made from grizzly bear hide and hand sewn with an awl using artificial sinew and the thongs on both the top of the knife and sheath are strips of buckskin with "Trade Beads" for decoration. The blade is hand knapped (chipped) and shaped of a piece of hard gray slate and glued in with animal glue.

The fur is from rabbit and the sheath is made from bear hide. The thongs, on both are from buckskin strips with "Trade Beads" as decoration. While it may not look it the blade of the knife has an edge and will cut through many natural items as well as being very useful for the initial scraping of a hide in the beginning of the tanning process. Overall length is some 15 inches and the weight is just over 1 pound. On the top of the handle barely visible in the photo is an eagle's head, carved from a piece of fire-cured moose bone.

Jim G

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