Here's the story on this canvas:

Thereís an area a few miles out of the town of Kodiak known as Bellís Flatís thatís a little community by itself. A lot of streams/rivers dump into the bay there that lead back into the mountains. Besides the dirt and gravel roads that lead to peopleís homes; thereís a lot of old logging trails that lead into the mountains. With a decent vehicle and some careful preparation (you have to be aware once you leave the paved road, your in wilderness and thereís no help available in emergencies) you can get quite far into those mountains.

This a place I was told about by my brotherís friend Mike with a hand-drawn map. It was about 15 miles back with a quarter-mile hike mostly uphill. I followed the stream until I came across this pool and waterfall that was loaded with red salmon. It was about mid-afternoon and I got in almost about an hour of fishing before the bears showed up. First the sow and cub, but they gave way when the big male showed up. I backed off and hid in some bushes at the far end of this pool and just watched; captivated. This is the scene that I wanted to paint/show all of you out there.

Jim G

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